Placenta Services


Placentophagy is tradition of eating the placenta in some form after the birth of a baby. This is a sacred tradition that has been practice throughout history but is recently becoming more popular. 

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Placenta encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is when the placenta is cleaned, dehydrated, ground up and then put into capsules for a woman to take after the birth of a baby. Ingesting one’s placenta has been done for decades but more recently has become common. There are two common ways of this process, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Holistic Method.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
The TCM method is when the placenta is rinsed and steamed with a jalapeno pepper, lemon and ginger. Then thinly sliced and placed in a dehydrator, according to FDA guidelines for beef, to kill any bad bacteria. After they are completely dehydrated the strips are ground fine and placed into capsules. By steaming it with these ingredients it can have a warming and soothing effect on women.
Holistic Method
The Holistic method is when the placenta is rinsed and sliced into strips and placed into the dehydrator right away. This is on a lower setting and takes longer to dehydrate. This is believed that it may keep more of the nutrients that may or may not be lost in the TCM method.

Benefits Of Capsules
-replenish depleted iron levels
-boosts energy
-helps recovery from stressful events
-reduces postpartum baby blues and postpartum depression
-helps balance estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels
-assist uterus to return to pre-pregnancy state
-reduce post-natal bleeding and enhance would healing
-help with milk production
-helps with pain and discomforts after birth
-promotes bonding between mama and baby
-stimulates the immune system to protect against infections

Placenta Encapsulation Package - $200
-Placenta encapsulation in vegetarian capsules prepared either Holistic or TCM
-Placenta Print
-Umbilical cord keepsake

Placenta Tincture

Placenta Tincture is also something that women prefer to do. This is when a walnut size piece of the placenta, which is lightly steamed, and placed in high grade alcohol for 6 weeks. This preserves all of the benefits of the placenta that will last after the placenta capsules are gone.

Benefits of Tincture
-similar benefits to the capsules
-will last after the pills are gone
-helps during illness
-helps during menopause
-a few drops can help children during illness or stress

Tincture - $225 with encapsulation
-8oz placenta tincture with 1oz a glass dropper

Placenta Salve

Placenta Salve is a balm made from a small dehydrated piece of the placenta. It contains dried ground placenta, organic sunflower oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil, melaluca essential oil and the essential oil blend On Guard.

Benefits of Placenta Salve
It is used to aid healing all wounds including:
-cesarean and other surgical scars
-perineal tears
-diaper rash (can be made cloth diaper safe)
-cradle cap
-cuts and scraps
-any other general skin-care
-can use as a general healing salve

Placenta Salve - $215 with encapsulation
-4oz in (2) 2oz jar