We took on Mary to help with her certification. As this was our second go around I didn’t know how much we would really need a doula. Mary and Katie were amazing! They rarely had to ask if I needed anything, they just knew. Mary was to my house within a half hour of us calling. They stepped in when my husband needed a break to get a snack or whatever the need may be. Mary got me my placenta pills the next day and was quick our picture editing also. She was great with calling or texting me before and after appointments too, just to see how everything was going. If I were to need a doula again, I would hands down hire these ladies!
— Tessa L.
Mary is AMAZING!!! I am truly grateful for her support throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my baby boy! I was unsure of really needing a doula but it was hands down an amazing experience having her there as both my doula and birth photographer. I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am. My husband was an awesome support but the knowledge that Mary brought was so welcome and helpful. She knew just what to do and to say to help me through labor! Also the pictures that she took are beautiful and I will treasure them forever!!! Mary was a fantastic support and I would hire her again in a heartbeat!
— Nicole H.
Working with Mary was amazing and the start of a great friendship too! She was there for me with any question I had, big or small and always made sure I was doing good throughout my pregnancy and once labor began. The photos she took are honestly the most amazing photos I have. She captured my 3 older daughters waking up just moments before their little brother was born. I have breathtaking photos of my baby ccoming into this world and his first moments i my arms. Just looking at them will make you tear up because you can honestly feel the power of all the emotions that took place, though her photos. I can’t say enough positive about working with Mary. She is the best!!! :D
— Ellen B.
Highly recommended! My labor was 26 hours total and she was there hours before my contractions started answering all my questions. No matter what hour or time of day she was there for me. Mary was very supportive of our birth plan and helped my husband with suggestions and guidance. We would have ended up with an unnecessary c section if it wasn’t for Mary coaching us along. She has a kind heart that you can easily connect with and that’s what we were looking for. Thanks Mary!
— Elaine R.
Mary did an excellent job with our birth photography. The pictures turned out amazing and the slideshow brings me to (happy) tears every time I watch it. I’ll never regret getting these pictures done. Mary was super easy to work with and very flexible! She even came out to our house the day after our birth to take pictures of big brother meeting the baby! Thanks again Mary!
— Andrea R.