Baby Rowan- A Home Birth Story

I met Lauren about a year ago when we both attended a local doula training in Appleton. Immediately upon meeting Lauren I could tell what a creative, kind and empathic woman she was. When she asked me to photograph the home birth of her second little boy, I could not have been more excited. 

I arrived at Lauren's house at about 12:30am on March 31st 2016. As soon as I walked into the house, I was greeted with a sense of calm and love. Lauren created a beautiful birth playlist, which was accompanied by the rain and wind chimes outside. 

Lauren was surrounded with support from her husband, mother, doula midwife and her assistants. She used her birth team's strength to help bring Rowan into the world. 

And no birth would be complete without a dad cracking a few jokes and laboring mom not finding them funny. But it does always make for a great picture.

Jokes aside, Doug was a wonderful pillar of support and comfort to Lauren. These intimate couples moments are always some of my favorites at births. 

As Lauren's labor intensified she called out for her mom who was watching over sleeping Portland (Lauren and Doug's first little boy) in the room next door. As Lauren labored her mom whispered birth affirmations to her. Her mom told Lauren that was was a warrior as she kissed her arm. 

Just moments before Rowan made his way earth side, Portland woke up and gave Lauren a little break that allowed her to smile. Spending a few last moments with Portland while he was an only child is exactly what Lauren needed.

These are the moments that make EVERYTHING worth it. 

Lauren did such an amazing and beautiful job bringing Rowan into the world.

Congratulations to Lauren, Doug and Portland on the birth of Rowan. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of his birth story. 

New Beginnings

As spring slowly beings to make its way into the Fox Valley I wanted to announce some changes that have taken place here at Light the Way Doula Services.

Katie Stegeman started Light the Way over three years ago and built an amazing support for women throughout the Fox Valley and beyond. I am incredibly thankful for how hard she worked over the past three years. 

Recently Katie has made the decision to step down from the birth world to pursue her business with Lularoe. Katie decided to hand Light the Way over to me to continue providing the services to area women and families.  Katie has taught me a lot and I am excited for this opportunity. 

I want to thank Katie for everything and let her know she always has a home here at Light the Way Doula Services.