I do not support a certain kind of birth, I support every kind of woman

What is a Birth Doula?

A doula is derived from the Greek word “a woman who serves ” A doula provides non-medical support to women in pregnancy and labor such as; emotional support, pain management, stress release and relaxation techniques. Doulas will also provide information on various aspects of pregnancy and the new baby. It is a doula’s job to be there for a mother in any way see fit. Each experience with a mother is unique, she is bringing a beautiful baby into the world and that is a special moment. A doula helps prepare a mother and family, emotionally and physically for that precious baby to arrive. Doulas help enable mothers to have an empowering and gratifying birth experience.


Birth Doula Package - Please contact me for current pricing.
-Free initial consultation to meet you and/or family
-1-2 prenatal visits
-Unlimited phone/email support throughout pregnancy
-Use of my reading lending library
-Use of Birth Pool Kit (liner must be purchased separately)
-Use of birth ball and peanut ball
-Continuous labor and birth support
-Up to two hours of  assistance once baby is born
-Placenta encapsulation with print and cord keepsake
-One postpartum visit in home

I believe that every woman should have a doula at her birth regardless of the financial situation so please contact me with interest. 

Birth is not a procedure, it is an experience